Making things better in more ways than one

Bringing care to Allied Health Recruitment is at the heart of everything we do. Our team led by Robyn Lee and Mark Medelis is backed by 30 years of combined industry experience and a matching process with a proven history.

We approach our work with honesty, transparency and clinical analysis. We are straight-shooters – we don’t window-dress. We treat people with vibrancy, empathy, dedication and care.

Our Team

Robyn  Lee Profile Photo

Robyn Lee

General Manager

With over ten years of experience recruiting in the education and care sector, Robyn understands the vital role we play in a candidates' life when embarking on the decision to search for a new job opportunity. Likewise, she truly understands the impact a successful or unsuccessful match has on a business. Robyn approaches her work with empathy and transparency, which has set the tone across Thrive today. Robyn genuinely enjoys getting to know every candidate and client that comes across her path and her long-standing relationships over the last decade is a testament to this. Robyn is the person behind Thrives' initial creation and you can see her values shining through in the way our organisation operates. 


"What I love most about my role is the fact that I can have a positive impact on people's lives. Whether it be an organization that may be struggling to find that person their business so importantly needs or a professional who is ready for their next step but unsure where to start, I love that I can use the skills and experience I have gathered over time to provide real assistance."

Mark  Medelis Profile Photo

Mark Medelis

Founder & Director

For the past 13 years, Mark has built a successful business matching the best talent working in project management with leading mining, energy, and infrastructure companies. This business is an industry leader known for providing specialised recruitment services and is a trusted name clients and candidates rely on. Mark now brings this wealth of experience to Thrive and the Allied Health Industry. His vast knowledge and track record delivering personalised service to each client and professional within any industry has played a pivotal role in the formation of Thrive and its success so far. 


“Supporting the execution of company strategy through identifying, evaluating and getting the right talent on the bus is what I love about my job. The feeling that comes with making a perfect match between a candidate, client and the job never gets old”

Sita  Petelo Profile Photo

Sita Petelo

Payroll and Accounts Manager

With over 15 years of finance experience, Sita is a master of all things payroll and accounts. Sita runs a well-oiled machine, ensuring a transparent, efficient, and effortless invoice management system. Sita also provides absolute accuracy in our payroll department. What does this mean for you?

Clients: We won’t waste your time with incorrect invoices

Candidates: You will be paid correctly, on time, every time.


 “I love the variety my role brings. Accounts and Administration roles at times can mean a lot of “behind the scenes” tasks, with not a huge amount of meaningful human connections. However, I am fortunate that this is not the case here. I can connect and form relationships with a variety of diverse individuals, candidates, and clients assisting them with their journey, answering queries and ensuring smooth transitions.”

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